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Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience of every man and woman’s life however not everyone gets this good news so easily. As per the Trusted Source approx. 15% of couples are affected by infertility issues around the world. Though you can go for medical treatment to treat this concern but before that, you must try some effective natural ways to boost fertility.

It is true that your fertility level very much depends on your lifestyle habits and the type of diet you have every day. That means no matter what is the underlying reason behind your infertility concern you can get rid of it by improving your lifestyle habits as well as by incorporating some more nutritional and balanced diet plan that is known for boosting fertility health and increasing the chances of conception.

15 Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Make a Habit of Eating Larger Breakfast

Breakfast is the very first meal of your day so it contains special importance and an important role in determining how you are going to perform and stay throughout the day. However, apart from these known benefits of a healthy big size breakfast, it does much more for your health. People who are looking for natural means for improving their fertility level must follow the habit of taking a big breakfast every day.

Eating a larger breakfast may help in improving the fertility rate in women. In a study, it was found that persistent larger breakfast habits helped in improving the hormonal contribution of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS which is a major and a very common cause of infertility.

In another study that was conducted on normal-weight women with PCOS, health condition found that including more calories rich foods in their breakfast helped in reducing testosterone levels by 50% and insulin levels by 8%. The increased level of both testosterone and insulin directly contributes to infertility concern.

Also eating bigger breakfast helps women in improving their ovulation rate which is the basic requirement for a successful conception. However, while incorporating this trick to enhance your fertility rate make sure that you reduce the size of your evening time meal otherwise it may add further weight in your body that again reduces your ability or chances to get fertile.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Fiber is one of those foods that is mostly recommended for controlling your excess body fat and weight. As per increasing your fertility power is concerned it is vital to have healthy body weight, so in this particular health goal eating more fiber-rich foods can help you greatly.

Fiber foods help in reducing excess hormones in your body such as insulin and testosterone that interfere with the natural ability of your body to get fertile by causing health concerns like PCOD. Hence it helps in getting rid of ovulatory infertility concern by boosting your fertility power naturally.

It also helps your body in getting rid of excess estrogen levels by binding it to your intestine. This excess level of estrogen then removed as a waste product. In a study, it was found that eating at least 10 grams of cereal fiber every day can reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility by 44% in women aging above 32 years.

Eating more fiber foods help in regulating blood sugar level which is another factor that impacts your natural fertility power. Some common easily available high fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

Include Healthy Protein Sources in Your Diet

You will be surprised to know that you can get rid of your infertility concern to a great extent by swapping protein sources in your diet which is an essential nutrient for your body. Instead of taking animal proteins such as eggs, fish, and meat, you should try vegetable protein sources such as nuts, seeds, lentils, and beans. As per the Trusted Source, vegetable protein sources are closely linked with reducing the infertility risk in people.

One study report suggests that a higher intake of protein derived from meat source is associated with an increased risk of ovulatory infertility by 32%. Another study suggests that when you get 5% of your total calorie intake from vegetable protein sources instead of animal protein then it can reduce your risk of ovulatory infertility by 50%.

This shows that only by replacing animal protein with vegetable protein sources in your diet you can get rid of your infertility concern naturally.

Increase Your Antioxidants Intake

Increasing the count of antioxidants rich food can do a great job by increasing your probability to get pregnant. This gets possible because antioxidants give your body protection against free radicals which has the ability to damage your healthy sperm and egg cells. In this regards antioxidants such as zinc and folate are considered ideal for improving the fertility rate in both men and women.

In a study on adult men who were consistently eating 75 grams of walnuts rich of antioxidant, found to improve their sperm quality immensely. Another study that was conducted on couples who were undergoing in-vitro fertilization, found that with a consistent intake of antioxidant supplement helped in increasing their conception rate by 23%. Some healthy sources of antioxidants such as folate, beta carotene, lutein, Vitamin C, and E include nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Reduce Your Carbs Intake

You can boost your fertility health especially infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome in women by cutting down your carbs intake. Lower carbs diet is most important to follow in order to reduce and maintain a healthy weight. Also, a lower-carb diet helps in lowering insulin levels and supports fats loss. All these things are vital for ensuring a healthy menstrual cycle. Hence, prove helpful in boosting your fertility ability naturally.

As per the Trusted Source report, high carbs intake increases the risk of infertility to a great extent. A study on women who were having more carbs diet found increasing their risk of ovulatory infertility by 78% with comparison to those who were taking a low carb diet.

With a low carb diet, one can reduce their excessive body weight and can also improve their PCOD health condition which is a major cause of infertility concern especially in overweight or obese women. Also low carb diet help in improving other health factors that contribute to infertility concern such as increased insulin and testosterone levels.

Also, keep in mind that it is not just the amount of carbs that you need to take care but also the type of carbs you are selecting for your meal play an important role in regulating your health. To boost your fertility naturally you must avoid refined carbs intake that includes processed grains, sugary drinks, and foods.

This is important because these refined carbs are easily absorbed by your body leading to a spike in insulin and blood sugar levels. Both these conditions are not favorable for your fertility health and ability. So eat very less amount of refined carbs in your diet.

Avoid Eating Trans Fats

Including healthy fat is vital for improving your fertility chances however to ensure this you require to make a very careful selection of fats. Couples who are planning for conception should avoid trans fats as it is closely linked with ovulatory infertility concern. This happens because an increased rate of trans fats in the body throws a negative impact on insulin sensitivity which is a major contributing factor to infertility issues.

Some common sources of trans fats include hydrogenated vegetable oils, processed foods, baked goods, fried foods, and in some margarine. In a study on larger group discovered that people who were taking high doses of trans fats and lower doses of unsaturated fats were the greater victims of infertility concern. Another study says that selecting trans fats over monounsaturated fats may increase the risk of ovulatory infertility in women by 31%. Hence, in order to boost your fertility rate naturally, it is vital to exclude trans fats from your diet.

Eat High Fat Dairy Foods

Women who mostly eat low-fat dairy foods contain the risk infertility. On the other hand, fertility power can be boosted naturally by increasing the doses of more high-fat dairy foods by the couples who are planning for conception.

In a large study report, it was found that with increased doses of high-fat dairy foods at least more than once in a day helped the participated women in reducing their infertility risk by 27% as per the Trusted Source. On the other hand, women who have high-fat dairy foods even less than once in a week found to have a greater risk of infertility.

That means in order to boost your fertility health you must replace at least your one low-fat dairy serving with high-fat dairy serving every day. You get many options while looking for high-fat dairy food however having a glass of whole milk is an easier option.

Cut Your Caffeine Intake

The study says that caffeine has the ability to impact the fertility health of women negatively. It says that women who consume more than 500 mg of caffeine in a day continuously take approx. more than 9 months longer time to get pregnant than the women who do not consume caffeine at all or have less than 500 mg of caffeine in a day.

As per the Trusted Source women who have high doses of caffeine before their pregnancy contains a high risk of miscarriage. However, a very limited number of studies are there to support the connection between high caffeine doses and the risk of infertility.

Increase Your Iron Doses

To boost your fertility power naturally you must start consuming iron supplements as well as non-heme iron as it reduces the risk of ovulatory infertility to a great extent. In a large observational study, it was found that women who took iron supplements managed to reduce their risk of ovulatory infertility by 40%.

Another study suggests that taking non-heme iron is linked with a decreased risk of infertility. However, taking heme iron derived from animal sources does not affect your fertility levels anyway. The doses of iron supplements must be consulted with a doctor before starting its doses on your own.

This is because not all women need iron supplements especially those whose body has already enough level of iron. Also, it is hard for your body to absorb non-heme iron sources so it must be taken with drinks or foods rich in Vitamin C as it increases its absorption power. Still taking iron-rich foods may help in boosting your fertility level.

Take Multivitamins

Women who are the victim of ovulatory infertility or contain a high risk of developing any type of infertility concern can cope up with this concern by taking multivitamins. One study report by the Trusted Source says that approx. 20% of total ovulatory infertility concern can be avoided if a woman starts taking three or more multivitamins in a week proactively.

Another study says that women who have multivitamins contain 41% lesser risk of infertility than women who do not take multivitamins. In this context women who are planning for conception must take multivitamins that have folate in it as it increases their success rate of conception.

Another study suggests that taking a dietary supplement with vitamin E, vitamin B6, green tea and chaste berry increases a person’s chances of conception. Researches say that women who took dietary supplements continuously for three months get pregnant in this period with comparison to those who did not take any multivitamin or dietary supplement. So this is another great way to boost your fertility power naturally without any side effect risk.

Stay Active

Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of those highly influential factors that impact a person’s fertility health and ability. So to get rid of this concern it is vital to get more active in your day to day life. Include some exercises as a fixed part of your daily life routine as such physical practices are always worth practicing as it improves your health in all possible ways.

In a study, it was found that with each per week of exercise activity women managed to reduce their risk of infertility by a substantial rate. Staying active is more crucial in the cases of overweight or obese women as it helps in losing weight more easily which is one of the hurdles that impact their fertility power. Hence, with a healthy weight loss and better physical appearance, you can increase your chances of conception.

You can include moderate to intense form of workout in your fitness routine however keep in mind that moderation is the key to success in any endeavor. Excessive level practices of an intense form of workout can negatively impact your health. In some women, the excessive practice of high-intensity workouts is linked with reducing their fertility power. This happens because excessive exercise practices impact the energy balance in your body causing a negative impact on the reproductive system.

A study report suggests that the risk of infertility remains 3.2 times greater in women who perform an intensive form of workout every day with comparison to inactive women. That means you need to get active for enhancing your fertility power but at a moderate level that would not create any negative impact on your reproductive health.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress impacts all areas of your life. So there is nothing astonishing if it impacts your fertility health. Women who take excessive stress are more likely to get a victim of hormonal changes and their associated impact in their reproductive system in the form of diseases such as PCOS.

The reason for stress can be anything like it can be work-related stress, health-related stress, relationship-related stress, etc. However, no matter what is the underlying reason behind your stress it is likely to increase the level of cortisol also known as stress hormones in the body.

Persistent stress increases the risk of several mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, etc. In fact, studies say that approx. 30% of women who go for clinical fertility treatment remain affected by stress, anxiety, and depression-related problems. That means managing your stress through different healthy means like yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, etc you can boost your fertility health and conception chances naturally.

Attain a Healthy Body Weight

Women who are overweight and obese contain a high risk of infertility. So to get rid of this concern it is crucial that you achieve a healthy body weight before you start trying for conception. Remember it is not just excessive body weight that impacts your reproductive system but also being underweight is a reason that increases your infertility risk.

In a large observational study in the US, it is found that about 25% of cases of ovulatory infertility affected women were overweight whereas 12% of ovulatory infertility affected women were underweight. The reason why unbalanced bodyweight impacts fertility health is because the excessive level of accumulated fat in the body interferes with women’s menstrual cycle which needs to be streamlined or in a proper cycle for a positive conception.

Women who are under or overweight generally have longer menstrual cycle lengths which makes it highly impossible for them to get pregnant. So to boost your fertility naturally first you should aim to achieve a healthy body weight through a regulated diet plan as well as a planned workout routine. That means your target should be to gain weight if you are underweight currently and to lose weight if you are overweight at present.

Quit Smoking

Smoking tobacco is harmful to the fertility health of both men and women. It is found in a study that women who are long term smokers face immense difficulty in conception. Also, tobacco impacts the sperm quality of men which needs to be healthy for easy and healthy conception. That means quitting smoking can boost reproductive health in men.

The study says that smoking tobacco interferes with the hormonal levels in women’s bodies and initiates the menopause phase at a quite earlier age of their life. That means by quitting tobacco you will not only delay your menopause event but also can boost your fertility power for a very long duration.

Avoid Excess Alcohol Consumption

Just like smoking even alcohol consumption is harmful to your fertility health. In limited doses, alcohol does not impact your health any way negatively but more than the moderate doses can impact your body’s fertility power. However, it is not clear how much doses of alcohol can make you infertile.

In a large observational study, it was found that taking more than eight drinks in a week is closely linked with increasing the duration for conception or to get pregnant. Another study says that women who were taking high doses of alcohol found more infertile in the examination.

However, there is a very limited study to support the moderate alcohol consumption link with infertility. So to improve your fertility power naturally you should try to avoid alcohol consumption completely or reduce its intake to a very restricted amount.

The above mentioned natural ways to boost fertility are highly safe plus effective. So you must try them, however for any positive result you need to follow them patiently and persistently for a long duration. In case you are diagnosed with a health concern that is interfering with your fertility health then you must take necessary medical guidance along with trying these natural tricks to improve your fertility level.

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